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Commodity Code

Commodity Code Description Business Criticality HSE Criticality
BB01AA01 Sawl Welded Linepipes In Carbon Steel A NA
BB01AA02 Erw Welded Pipes In Carbon Steel A NA
BB01AA03 Welded Pipes In Alloy Steel C NA
BB01AA04 Welded Pipes In Stainless Steel And Duplex A NA
BB01AA05 Welded Pipes In Galvanized Steel C NA
BB01AA06 Pipes Without Welding In Alloy Steel C NA
BB01AA07 Pipes Without Welding In Stainless Steel And Duplex A NA
BB01AA08 Pipes Without Welding In Steel (Raw And Lined) A NA
BB01AA09 Cladded Pipes A NA
BB01AA10 Cast Iron Pipes C NA
BB01AA11 Pipes In Other Metals And Alloys C NA
BB01AA12 Pipes In Plastic Materials B NA
BB01AA13 High Pressure Flexible Pipes And Spools For Sealines A NA
BB01AA14 Fibre Glass And Reinforced Fibre Glass Pipes B NA
BB01AA15 Perforated Pipes And Bars In Copper And Its Alloys C NA
BB01AA16 Perforated Pipes And Bars In Aluminium And Its Alloys C NA
BB01AA17 Perforated Pipes And Bars In Lead And Its Alloys C NA
BB01AA18 Pipes And Hoses In Rubber C NA
BB01AA20 Polyethylene Pipes B NA
BB01AA21 Conductor Pipes With Connections B NA
BB01AA22 Conductor Pipes Without Connections C NA
BB01AA23 Carbon Steel Tubing B C
BB01AA24 Tubing In Corrosion Resistant Alloy - C.R.A. A NA
BB01AA25 Carbon Steel Casing B C
BB01AA26 Casing In Corrosion Resistant Alloy - C.R.A. A NA
BB01AA27 Various Pipes And Flanges For Lng C NA
BB01AA29 Sawl (Long.) Welded Pipes In Carbon Steel Other Apps. C NA
BB01AA30 Sawh (Hel) Welded Line Pipes In Carbon Steel A NA
BB01AA31 Sawh Carbon Steel Welded Pipe (Heli.) Other Apps. C NA
BB01AA32 Erw (Elec.Weld) Pipes In Carbon Steel Other Apps. C NA
BB01AA33 Seamless (Smls) Pipes In Carbon Steel Other Appl. C NA
BB01AA34 Bimetallic Pipie Cra Clad (Mechanical Bond) A NA
BB01AA35 Linepipes In Cs: Smls + Sawl (Lsaw) + Hfi / Hfw (Erw) + Sawh A NA
BB01AA36 Conductor Pipes With Or Without Connections B NA
BB01AB01 Non-Control, Forged Gate, Disc And Check Valves B NA
BB01AB02 Non-Control Molten Gate, Disc And Check Valves C NA
BB01AB03 Top Entry Non-Control Ball Valves B NA
BB01AB04 Side Entry Non-Control Ball Valves, Actuated Or Manual C NA
BB01AB05 Sub-Sea Non-Control Gate Ball Valves B NA
BB01AB06 Non-Control Throttle Valves B NA
BB01AB07 Non-Control Bronze Valves C NA
BB01AB08 Screw Tap Valves And Taps C NA
BB01AB09 Non-Control Brass Valves C NA
BB01AB10 Valves For Compressed Gas Cylinders C NA
BB01AB11 Valves For Fire-Fighting Systems C NA
BB01AB12 Pe Gas Valves A NA
BB01AB13 Api 6d Shutter Valves, Actuated Or Manual C NA
BB01AB14 Api 6a Shutter Valves, Actuated Or Manual C NA
BB01AB15 Disc Valves, Actuated Or Manual C NA
BB01AB16 Check Valves C NA
BB01AB17 Top Entry Sphere Valves 10" Or Larger, Act. Or Man. B NA
BB01AB18 Top Entry Sphere Valves Smaller Than 10", Act. Or Man. B NA
BB01AB19 Stainless Steel Non-Control Valves C NA
BB01AC01 Flanges In Ferrous Materials C NA
BB01AC02 Steel Flanges C NA
BB01AC03 Plastic Flanges C NA
BB01AC04 Steel Fittings To Weld C NA
BB01AC05 Forged Steel Fittings C NA
BB01AC06 Steel Compression Fittings C NA
BB01AC07 Special Fittings For High Pressure C NA
BB01AC08 Cupronickel Fittings And Flanges C NA
BB01AC09 Plastic Compression Fittings C NA
BB01AC10 Cast Iron Fittings C NA
BB01AC11 Cast Iron Compression Fittings/Joints C NA
BB01AC12 Compression Fittings In Copper And Its Alloys C NA
BB01AC13 Special "T" Pieces To Weld At Pig Run Head C NA
BB01AC14 Special Elbows (Cold, Induction, Panel) In Carbon Steel B NA
BB01AC15 Quick-Fit Attachments For Hoses C NA
BB01AC16 Hoses/Connections/Reductions For Casing And Tubing B NA
BB01AC17 Pe Fittings C NA
BB01AC20 Caps For Methane Gas Pipelines A NA
BB01AC24 Special Bends (Cold, Hot Induction, Miter) In Cra S.S/Duplex B NA
BB01AC25 Stainless Steel Fittings (Threaded Or Welded) C NA
BB01AC26 Threaded Steel Fittings C NA
BB01AD01 Accessories For Pipes, Lead And Its Alloys C NA
BB01AD03 Accessories For Pipes, Aluminium And Its Alloys C NA
BB01AD04 Accessories For Pipes, Copper And Its Alloys C NA
BB01AD05 Drip Rings C NA
BB01AD06 Ring Joints C NA
BB01AD07 Flame Dampers C NA
BB01AD08 Repair Clamps For Sealines C NA
BB01AD09 Stub Ends C NA
BB01AD10 Connections To Weld For Rapid Lock Conductor Pipes/Casing B NA
BB01AD11 Mechanical Connectors For Sealines C NA
BB01AD12 Hose Clamps C NA
BB01AD13 Y Filters C NA
BB01AD14 Temporary Filters For Pipes C NA
BB01AD15 Dis-Assembly Connections For Pipes C NA
BB01AD16 Expansion Joints (Compensators) C NA
BB01AD17 Spacing Joints And Other Plastic Fittings C NA
BB01AD18 Metal-Plastic Seals C NA
BB01AD21 Protectors And Frames For Tubing And Casing C NA
BB01AD22 Steam Traps C NA
BB01AD23 Line Disconnectors And Spacers C NA
BB01AD24 Tie Rods For Flanges In Ferrous Materials C NA
BB01AD25 Pig Launch And Arrival Traps For Pipelines C NA
BB01AD26 Misc. Accessories For Gas Pipes B NA
BB01AD27 Filters For Gas Networks C NA
BB01AD29 Various Accessories For Gas Meters C NA
BB01AD36 Dielectric Insulation Joints And Accessories C NA
BB02AA01 Steel Structural Work C C
BB02AA02 Heavy Steel Structural Work B C
BB02AA03 Supports And Accessories C NA
BB02AA04 Sound-Proofing Elements And Systems C NA
BB02AB01 Offshore Accommodation Cabins And Sanitary Facility On Skid C C
BB02AB02 Onshore Accommodation Cabins And Sanitary Facilities On Skid C C
BB02AB03 Cabins On Skids For Installation Of Elect. Equipment/Instrum B C
BB02AB04 Steel Industrial Sheds B C
BB02AB05 Prefabricated Struct. And Metal Huts (Inc. Porches/Kiosks) C C
BB02AB06 Prefabricated Cement Structures A C
BB02AB07 Prefabricated Structures For Service Station A C
BB02AB08 Porches For Service Stations A C
BB02AB09 Porches A C
BB02AB10 Petrol Station Kiosks A C
BB02AB11 Image Elements On Structures C C
BB02AB12 Vertical Image And Lighting Elements C C
BB02AB13 Price Lists, Plates, Stakes, Lamps C NA
BB02AC01 Floating Cylinders And Wharves C C
BB02AC02 Anchor Logs Iron And Steel Lines C C
BB02AC03 Clamps, Fenders In Iron And Steel C C
BB02AC04 Steelwork To Protect Subsea Structures C C
BB02AC05 Flooring For Offshore Helipads C C
BB02AC06 Loading Arms And Docking Equipment For Lng Plants A C
BB03AA11 Injection Pumps For Endothermic Motors C C
BB03AA13 Pumps For Sulphur C C
BB03AA14 Inflators C C
BB03AA15 Laboratory Pumps And Accessories B NA
BB03AA20 Parts And Spare Parts For Centrifugal Pumps C NA
BB03AA21 Parts And Spare Parts Of Reciprocating Pumps C NA
BB03AA22 Parts And Spare Parts For Rotary And Screw Pumps C NA
BB03AB04 Rapid Reciprocating Compressors A NA
BB03AB10 Petrol Station Air Compressors C NA
BB03AB11 Laboratory Compressors C NA
BB03AB13 Parts And Spare Parts For Reciprocating Compressors C NA
BB03AB14 Parts And Spare Parts For Liquid Ring Sliding-Vane Compress. C NA
BB03AB15 Parts And Spare Parts For Sliding-Vane Compressors C NA
BB03AB16 Parts And Spare Parts For Axial Compressors C NA
BB03AC07 Parts And Spare Parts For Gas Turbines C NA
BB03AC08 Parts And Spare Parts For Steam Turbines C NA
BB03AC09 Equipment And Electric/Instrument Spares For Gas Plants C NA
BB03AC10 Mechanical Equipment And Spare Parts For Plants C NA
BB03AC11 Capital Spare Parts For Compression Units Of Plants B NA
BB03AD03 Accessories For Ventilators And Blowers C NA
BB03AE07 Parts And Spare Parts For Internal Combustion Engines C NA
BB03AF15 Ex-Type Motors C NA
BB03AG02 Dynamo B NA
BB03AG08 Generation System With Solar Cells B NA
BB03AG09 Direct Current Wind-Powered Generators B NA
BB03AG11 Parts And Spare Parts For Power Units C NA
BB03AG12 Parts And Spare Parts For Power Alternators C NA
BB03AH01 Ejectors And Injectors C NA
BB03AH02 Joints And Couplings For Transmission C NA
BB03AH03 Filters For Motors, Pumps And Compressors C NA
BB03AH04 Parts And Spare Parts For Reducers And Speed Reducers C NA
BB03AH05 Speed Reducers And Multipliers C NA
BB03AH06 Speed Variators C NA
BB03BA01 Pumping Systems A NA
BB03BA02 Compression Systems A NA
BB03BB01 Generation Systems A NA
BB03BB02 Drivers For Machinery A NA
BB03BC01 Cooling Systems A NA
BB03BC02 Ventilation And Blowing Systems B NA
BB04AA01 Painted/Glass/Plastic React/Cont/Tanks B NA
BB04AA03 Reactors And Regenerators For Fcc And Dehydrogenation System B NA
BB04AA05 Pressure Cont/React/Col In Carbon Steel Thick. > 100mm B NA
BB04AA06 Pressure Cont/React/Col In Carbon Steel Thick. Max 60mm B NA
BB04AA07 Pressure Cont/React/Col In Carbon Steel Thick. Max 100mm B NA
BB04AA08 Pressure Cont/React/Col In Carbon Steel Thick. > 100mm B NA
BB04AA11 Stainless Steel Press. Containers And Columns C NA
BB04AA14 Containers In Other Materials/Alloys (Hastelloy,Incoloy,Etc) B NA
BB04AA15 Large Columns (Diam >4500mm Or Length >60m) A NA
BB04AA16 Cyclone Separators And Not Cyclone B NA
BB04AA17 Interiors For Water-Oil Separators C NA
BB04AA19 Reactors, Press. Container, Lab Columns C NA
BB04AA20 Plates For Columns C NA
BB04AA21 Atmospheric Containers/Carbon And Stainless Steel Channels C NA
BB04AA23 Pressurized Cont, Not Metal C NA
BB04AA25 Reactor With High Diam & Thickness W/T Special Internal A NA
BB04AA26 Reactor And Pressure Vessels High Pressure Cr-Mo-V >150 Mm A NA
BB04AA27 Hands And Body Filling Columns, Ceramic C NA
BB04AB01 Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers B NA
BB04AB02 Plate Heat Exchangers C NA
BB04AB03 Dual Tube/Multitube Heat Exchangers B NA
BB04AB04 Heat Exchangers For High Pressures B NA
BB04AB05 Graphite Heat Exchangers B NA
BB04AB06 Coil Heat Exchangers B NA
BB04AB07 Aluminium Coiled Heat Exchangers (For Lng) B NA
BB04AB08 Electrical Heat Exchangers C NA
BB04AB09 Solar Panel Heat Exchangers C NA
BB04AB11 Small And Medium Sized Air Coolers C NA
BB04AB12 Large Air Coolers B NA
BB04AB16 Vaporizers C NA
BB04AB18 Parts And Spare Parts For Heat Exchangers C NA
BB04AB19 Parts And Spare Parts For Air Coolers C NA
BB04AB20 Pipes For Heat Exchangers C NA
BB04AB21 Finned Pipes For Air Coolers C NA
BB04AC01 Boilers Water/Smoke Pipes For Hot Water Prod (Ind. Use) C NA
BB04AC02 Water Pipe Boilers Max 50t/H Vapour And/Or Press <70bar C NA
BB04AC03 Water Pipe Boilers Max50t/H Vapour And/Or <500c And/Or <70ba B NA
BB04AC04 Water Pipe Boilers <150t/H Vapour And/Or T>500c And/Or P>70b B NA
BB04AC06 Recovery Boilers Downstream The Turbogas And Ovens B NA
BB04AC08 Diathermal Oil Boilers B NA
BB04AC09 Laboratory Boilers C NA
BB04AC10 Parts And Spare Parts Of Steam Gen. And Boilers C NA
BB04AD01 Ovens For Chemical And Petrochemical Plants B NA
BB04AD02 Indirect Heaters B NA
BB04AD03 Reforming Steam Ovens B NA
BB04AD04 Steam Cracking Ovens For Ethylene Production Plants B NA
BB04AD05 Air Heaters C NA
BB04AD07 Gas Incinerators In Oil And Petrochemical Plants B NA
BB04AD08 Electrical Ovens And Boilers C NA
BB04AD09 Equip. For Combustion Gas Desox/Denox Plants B NA
BB04AD10 Coils For Tanks, Ovens And Boilers C NA
BB04AD11 Accessories And Spare Parts For Incinerators/Heaters/Flares C NA
BB04AD12 Flares And Terminals For Flares B NA
BB04AE01 Vaporizing Agent Cooling Towers C NA
BB04AE02 Wet/Dry Type Cooling Towers C NA
BB04AE04 Parts And Spare Parts For Cooling Towers C NA
BB04AF01 Stainless Steel Storage Tanks With Fixed And Mobile Roof B NA
BB04AF02 Storage Tanks For Low Temperatures B NA
BB04AF03 Buried Metal Tanks For Lpg C NA
BB04AF04 Steel Spheres B NA
BB04AF05 Silos, Baths And Vats C NA
BB04AF06 Parts, Accessories,Spare Parts For Storage Tanks And Spheres C NA
BB04AF07 Steel Barrels, Expansions Tanks And Tanks C NA
BB04AG01 Primary Reducer Units (Hprs) C NA
BB04AG02 Intermediate And Final Reducer Units C NA
BB04AG03 Power Supply Reducers C NA
BB04AG04 Sampling, Reduction And Measuring Systems (Mechanical Part) C NA
BB04AG05 Parts, Spare Parts And Adjustments For Reduction Units C NA
BB05AA01 Filtering And Clarification Package Systems B NA
BB05AA02 Potabilization And Remineralization Package Systems B NA
BB05AA03 Chlorination Package Systems B NA
BB05AA04 Ballast Water Treatment Package Systems B NA
BB05AA05 Sanitary Water Treatment Package Systems B NA
BB05AA06 Brackish/Sea Water Desalting - Reverse Osmosis Pack Syst. B NA
BB05AA07 Demineral./Softening/Treatment Package Systems B NA
BB05AA08 Vacuum And Water Injection Degassing Packaging Systems B C
BB05AA09 Water Pressurization Systems C C
BB05AA11 Flotation Package Units B C
BB05AA12 Equip. And Compon. For Water Treatment Systems C C
BB05AB01 Water/Oil Separation Package Units B C
BB05AB02 Effluent Treatment Package Units B C
BB05AB03 Solid Waste Selection Plants C C
BB05AB05 Rdf Production Systems C C
BB05AC01 Air-Conditioning, Ventilation And Heating Systems B C
BB05AC02 Independent Unit Air Conditioning Machines And Plants C NA
BB05AC04 Heating Machines (Domestic/Petrol Station /Ecc Boilers) C NA
BB05AC05 Air Conditioning/Ventilation/Cooling Plants For Laboratories B NA
BB05AC06 Accessories For Air Conditioning Plants And Units C NA
BB05AC07 Accessories For Heating Plants C NA
BB05AD02 Machines For Cleaning, Washing Barrels, Bins, Etc. C NA
BB05AD03 Stamping And Labelling Machines C NA
BB05AD04 Strapping Machines C NA
BB05AD05 Sackers C C
BB05AD06 Palletizer C C
BB05AD07 Spooler C NA
BB05AD09 Sack Breaker C NA
BB05AD11 Grinders And Crushers C NA
BB05AD13 Loose And Sacked Product Loader (Rail And Road) C NA
BB05AD14 Filler C NA
BB05AD15 Packing Lines C C
BB05AE01 Vehicle Methane Supply Plants A C
BB05AE02 Vehicle Hydrogen Production And Supply Systems B NA
BB05AE03 Carwash Plants B NA
BB05AE04 Air/Water Pumps C NA
BB05AE05 Camper Point B NA
BB05AE06 Petrol Station Forecourt Terminals B NA
BB05AE07 Vehicle Lpg Supply Plants A C
BB05AE08 Pos Management Systems B NA
BB05AE09 Fuel Pumps A C
BB05AE10 Pumps With Measuring Devices B NA
BB05AF01 Fire Prevention Systems (Supply And Installation) B C
BB05AF02 Fire Prevention Pump Units C NA
BB05AF03 Fire Prevention Pressurization Units In Service Areas C NA
BB05AF04 Portable Fire Extinguishers C NA
BB05AF05 Fire Extinguishers On Trolleys C NA
BB05AF06 Foam Maker C NA
BB05AF07 Hydrants, Adjustable Nozzles, Hydrant Boxes C NA
BB05AF08 Water Cannon C NA
BB05AF09 Water/Foam Cooling Nozzle C NA
BB05AF11 Fire Hoses C NA
BB05AF12 Pneumatic Or Mechanical Horns And Sirens C NA
BB05AF13 Foaming Liquids C NA
BB05AF14 Fire Protection Chemical Products C NA
BB05AF15 Spare Parts For Fire-Protection Units C NA
BB05AF16 Unit Fire Safety Systems (Unit/Motor Cabin) C NA
BB05AG01 Gas /Oil Treatment Plants B NA
BB05AG02 Milling And Crushing Equipment C NA
BB05AG03 Gas And Liquid Dewatering Pack. Systems (Glycol Regeneration B NA
BB05AG04 Vapour Recovery Units (Supply An Maintenance) B C
BB05AG06 Air Treatment Plants Tools B C
BB05AG07 Glycol And/Or Methanol Injection Plants B C
BB05AG08 Chemical Injection Plants C C
BB05AG09 Desulphurization Plants B C
BB05AG11 Gas Sweetening Unit B C
BB05AG12 Cogeneration/Trigeneration Units Up To 100 Kw C C
BB05AG13 Laboratory Plant Packages C NA
BB05AG14 Sleeved Filters For Fluids C NA
BB05AG15 Electrostatic Separator B NA
BB05AG16 Scrubber Filters For Fluids C NA
BB05AG17 Chemical Action Air Or Gas Purifiers C NA
BB05AG18 Material Sterilization Equipment C NA
BB05AG19 Mask Washing And Sterilization Units C NA
BB05AG20 Autoclaves C NA
BB05AG21 Laboratory Autoclaves C NA
BB05AG22 Evaporation And Desiccating Equipment C NA
BB05AG23 Stirrers C NA
BB05AG24 Odorizing Plants B NA
BB05AG25 Filters Active Carbon And Filter Elements For Fluid C NA
BB05AG26 Fluid Centrifuges C NA
BB05AG27 Pilot Plant And Equipment For Research / Laboratory B NA
BB05AG29 Plants For Producing Compressed Air And Accessories C NA
BB05AG30 Solar Heating Systems C C
BB05AG33 Pumping And/Or Compression Plants For Subsea Systems A C
BB06AA01 Winches For Drilling Plants C C
BB06AA02 Fitting Equipment For Rotation And Manoeuvre C C
BB06AA03 Safety Equipment For Drilling - Bop B C
BB06AA04 Mud Pumps C C
BB06AA05 Rigs And Substructures C C
BB06AA06 Mud Circulation And Treatment Systems C C
BB06AB01 Drilling Rods A C
BB06AB02 Aluminium Rods And Tubing C C
BB06AB03 Drilling Rod Reducers And Connectors B C
BB06AB04 Well Drilling Equipment Supply (Jar, Stab, Dhm) C C
BB06AC01 Roller Bits C NA
BB06AC02 Diamond Bits C NA
BB06AC04 Drilling Bits C NA
BB06AE10 Well Sand Control Equipment In Service Contracts B C
BB06AF01 Onshore Or Platform Well Heads (Valves/Accessories Included) A C
BB06AF02 Mud-Line Suspension And Related Accessories And Run In Tools A C
BB06AF03 Subsea Well Heads Drilling Part A C
BB06AF04 Subsea Well Heads - Tree Production System A C
BB06AF05 Umbilical Cord For Subsea Wells With Or Without Laying B C
BB06AF06 Manifold And Subsea Structures (No Production Tree) B C
BB07AA01 Machines And Accessories For Gas Pipeline Maintenance C NA
BB07AA02 Building Construction Machines C NA
BB07AA03 Textile Processing Machines And Equipment C NA
BB07AA04 Extraction, Digging And Excavation Machines And Equipment C NA
BB07AB01 Machine Tools For Mechanical Workshop C NA
BB07AB02 Sheet Bending And Working Machines C NA
BB07AB03 Car Workshop Equipment C NA
BB07AB04 Small Tools C NA
BB07AB05 Pneumatic Tools C NA
BB07AC01 Welding And Oxygen Lance Cutting Benches C NA
BB07AC02 Electric Welders C NA
BB07AC03 Motor Welding Sets C NA
BB07AC04 Plasma Oxygen Lance Cutting C NA
BB07AC05 Automatic Welding Machines/Systems C NA
BB07AC07 Induction Pre-Heaters C NA
BB07AC08 Electrode Drying Ovens And Welding Control Equipment C NA
BB07AC11 Welding And Cutting Accessories C NA
BB07AD01 Mobile Cranes C NA
BB07AD02 Hoist Trolleys C NA
BB07AD03 Stackers C NA
BB07AD04 Fixed And Bridge Cranes B NA
BB07AD05 Jib Crane B NA
BB07AD06 Auto Lifts B NA
BB07AD07 Sea Loading Boom B NA
BB07AD08 Land Loading Boom B NA
BB07AD09 Capstans, Hoists And Winches B NA
BB07AD10 Jacks C NA
BB07AD11 Lifts And Elevators C NA
BB07AD12 Escalators C NA
BB07AD13 Conveyor Belts C NA
BB07AD15 Mechanical And Non-Mechanical Conveyors C NA
BB07AD16 Hoists For Lifeboats And Inflatable Dinghies C NA
BB07AD17 Parts And Spare Parts For Jib, Gantry Cranes Etc. C NA
BB07AE01 Mechanical Test Machines C NA
BB07AE02 Test Benches C NA
BB07AE03 Calibration Benches C NA
BB07AE04 Equipment/Instruments/Accessor For Non-Destructive Controls C NA
BB08AA01 Throttle Valves C NA
BB08AA02 Globe Valves C NA
BB08AA03 Ball Valves C NA
BB08AA04 Cage Valves C NA
BB08AA05 Axial Flow Throttle Valves C NA
BB08AA06 Critical Service Valves C NA
BB08AA08 Self-Regulating And Overflow Valves C NA
BB08AA11 Two Or Three-Way Valves All Types C NA
BB08AA12 Fixed Multi-Orifice Nozzles C NA
BB08AA13 Cage Nozzles C NA
BB08AA14 Double Seal Sectioning Valves (Tax Purposes) B NA
BB08AA15 Pressure Regolator-Valves (Lpg) C NA
BB08AA16 Pressure Reducing Filters B NA
BB08AA17 Safety And Pilot Valves And Blowout Discs C NA
BB08AA18 Tank Breathing Systems C NA
BB08AA19 Safety Valves For Laboratory Applications C NA
BB08AA20 Parts And Spare Parts For Valves And Safety Valves C NA
BB08AA23 Non-Control Pin Valves C NA
BB08AB01 Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Pneumatic/Hydraulic Actuators B NA
BB08AB02 Electrical And Electrohydraulic Actuators C NA
BB08AB03 Servovalves C NA
BB08AB04 Solenoid Valves C NA
BB08AB05 Fire-Protection (Deluge) Valves With Local Panel And Tools C NA
BB08AB07 Firebreak Shutter With Pneumatic Actuator C NA
BB08AB08 Spare Parts For Actuators And Valves C NA
BB08AC01 Pressure/Vacuum And Pressure Differential Gauges B NA
BB08AC02 Pneumatic/Hydraulic Pressure Pilots C NA
BB08AC03 Electric Pressure Switches C NA
BB08AC04 Electric Pressure (Sil 2/3 Certification) And Pressure Diffe C NA
BB08AC05 Electropneumatic Transducers C NA
BB08AC06 Manual Signal And/Or Station Convertors C NA
BB08AC07 Electric Measurement Convertors C NA
BB08AC08 Laboratory Pressure Instruments C NA
BB08AC10 Flow Straighteners And Selectors C NA
BB08AD01 Calibrated Flanges, Venturi And Pitot Tubes C NA
BB08AD02 Flow Lamps C NA
BB08AD03 Rotameters (Asameters) C NA
BB08AD04 Flowrate Indicators C NA
BB08AD05 Electric Flowstats C NA
BB08AD06 One Or More Feather Field Recorders C NA
BB08AD07 Gas Meters C NA
BB08AD08 Membrane Gas Meters B NA
BB08AD09 Liquid Meters (Including Water) C NA
BB08AD10 Removal Meters C NA
BB08AD11 Flow Rate Meters C NA
BB08AD12 Pig Travel Sensor C NA
BB08AD13 Flow Rate Transmitters C NA
BB08AD14 Laboratory Flow Rate Instruments C NA
BB08AD16 Baffle Holder And Measurement Baffles A C
BB08AE01 Level Indicators C NA
BB08AE02 Level Switches C NA
BB08AE03 Level Transmitters C NA
BB08AF01 Thermocouples And Thermoresistors C NA
BB08AF02 Thermometer Cases And Wells C NA
BB08AF03 Thermostats C NA
BB08AF04 Temperature Transmitters C NA
BB08AF05 Thermometers C NA
BB08AF06 Pyrometers C NA
BB08AF07 Laboratory Temperature Instruments C NA
BB08AG01 Aerometers, Densimeters, Scales-Liquids C NA
BB08AG02 Smoke Analysers C NA
BB08AG03 Gas Analysers C NA
BB08AG04 Laboratory Analysers And Detectors C NA
BB08AG05 Calorimeters C NA
BB08AG06 Gas Chromatographs C NA
BB08AG07 Ph-Meters / Redox / Conductivity Meters C NA
BB08AG08 Viscosimeters C NA
BB08AG09 Physical/Chemical Analysis Instruments - Non-Electrical C NA
BB08AG10 Physical/Chemical Analysis Instruments - Electrical C NA
BB08AG11 Radiation Detectors/Auxiliary Instrument For Rad. Protection C NA
BB08AG12 Test Equipment For Fuels, Combustibles And Lubricants C NA
BB08AG13 Environmental Monitoring Equipment B NA
BB08AG14 Flame Detectors C NA
BB08AG15 Smoke Detectors C NA
BB08AG16 Gas Detectors (Hc, H2s, H2, Etc.) C NA
BB08AG17 Heat Sensitive Wire C NA
BB08AG18 Plug Fuses C NA
BB08AG19 Analysers' Cabin C NA
BB08AG20 V.E.S.D.A. Type Smoke Detection System C NA
BB08AG22 Infrared Cameras For Flame Detection C NA
BB08AG23 Dust Concentration Detectors C NA
BB08AG24 Acoustic And Optical Warning Systems C NA
BB08AH01 Distributed Control Systems - Dcs B NA
BB08AH02 Emergency Shutdown Systems - Esd B C
BB08AH03 Fire & Gas Systems - F&G B NA
BB08AH04 Telelevels C NA
BB08AH05 Petrol Station Fuel Tank Televels C NA
BB08AH06 Integrated Automation Systems (Dcs+Esd+Fire&Gas Detection) A NA
BB08AH07 Scada, Remote Control And Supervision Systems A C
BB08AH08 Gas And Oil Leak Control System A NA
BB08AH09 Hipps System A NA
BB08AH10 Plc Programmable Logic System B NA
BB08AH11 Electrical-Pneumatic-Hydraulic Command And Control Panels B NA
BB08AH12 Electrical-Pneumatic-Hydraulic Valve Command Panels C NA
BB08AH13 Fiscal Metering Panels C NA
BB08AH14 Fiscal Measurement System For Gas B NA
BB08AH15 Fiscal Measurement System For Liquids B NA
BB08AH16 Multiphase Measuring Systems B NA
BB08AH17 Integrated Vibration Monitoring System B NA
BB08AH18 Flame Control System C NA
BB08AH19 Interface Boards And Auxiliary Panels B NA
BB08AH20 Remote Reading Systems B NA
BB08AH21 Tank Air Space Monitoring System B NA
BB08AH22 Parts/Spare Parts For Instrumentation And Automation Systems C NA
BB08AH23 Laboratory Instrumentation And Automation Systems C NA
BB08AH24 Fluid Measurement, Control And Regulation Instruments C NA
BB08AH30 Units And Peripheral Equipment For Process Monitoring C NA
BB08AI01 Equipment And Instruments For Geodesy, Topography Etc. C NA
BB08AI02 Weighing Equipment And Instruments C NA
BB08AI03 Metre Rods C NA
BB08AI04 Non-Electrical Barometers, Hygrometers And Psychrometers C NA
BB08AI05 Platform Balances And Scales C NA
BB08AI06 Platform Balances And Weighbridges C NA
BB08AI07 Analytical Scales C NA
BB08AI08 Non-Process Flow Rate Gauges C NA
BB08AI09 Manometers, Vacuum And Vacuum Pressure Gauges C NA
BB08AI10 Pneumatic Panel Indicators/Regulators/Recorders C NA
BB08AI11 Non-Electric Humidity Meters (Excl. Hygrometer,Psychrometer) C NA
BB08AI12 Non-Electric Flow Or Flow Rate Meters, Peepholes C NA
BB08AI13 Instruments And Equipment For Geophysics C NA
BB08AI14 Instruments And Equipment For Meteorology C NA
BB08AI15 Instruments And Equipment For Photogrammetry C NA
BB08AI16 Magnetic Metal Detectors C NA
BB08AL01 Instrumentation And Signalling Cables C NA
BB08AL02 Fibre-Optic Instrumentation Cables C NA
BB08AL03 Thermocouple Compensation And Extension Cables C NA
BB08AM01 Air Distribution Casks Separation Instruments C NA
BB08AM02 Instrument Protection And/Or Heating Boxes C NA
BB08AM03 Reduction Filters For Air Instruments C NA
BB08AM06 Instrument Manifolds C NA
BB08AM07 Multitube Of Plastic, Copper And Its Alloys For Instrumentat C NA
BB08AM10 Stainless Steel Tube For Instrumentation C NA
BB08AM12 Copper And Copper Alloy Tube For Instrumentation C NA
BB08AM13 Copper And Copper Alloy Pipes For Instrumentation C NA
BB08AM14 Gangways For Pipes/Cables C NA
BB08AM15 Interception Valves For Instrumentation C NA
BB08AM16 Needle Or Non-Return Valves For Instrumentation C NA
BB08AM19 Tin, Eex-D, Eex-D, Eex-E, Etc. Junction Boxes C NA
BB08AM20 Eex-D, Eex-E, Eec-I And Normal Electrical Connectors C NA
BB08AM21 Field Instrumentation Spare Parts C NA
BB08AN01 Robot For Refueling B NA
BB08BA01 R&D Laboratory Equipment C NA
BB09AA01 Mv/Lv Package Sub-Stations B NA
BB09AA02 Hv Substations In Air (<52kv) A C
BB09AA03 Hv Substations In Gis (>52kv) A C
BB09AA04 Overground Air Lines C NA
BB09AA05 Spare Parts For Substations C NA
BB09AA07 Induction, Self And Reactance Coils C NA
BB09AB01 Hv Cables (>52kv) And Accessories C NA
BB09AB02 Lv Cables C NA
BB09AB03 Fluid Oil Insulation Cables (Hv/Mv) C NA
BB09AB04 Bare Aluminium Cables And Wires C NA
BB09AB05 Bare Copper Cables And Wires C NA
BB09AB06 Mv Cables (<52kv) C NA
BB09AB07 Electrical And Signalling Subsea Cables B NA
BB09AB08 Heating Cables- Electrical Heat Tracing Systems C NA
BB09AB09 Insulated Electrical Wires C NA
BB09AB10 Terminals And Junctions For Mv Cables B NA
BB09AC01 Oil Immersed Power Transformers < 60 Mva C NA
BB09AC02 Oil Immersed Power Transformers > 60 Mva B NA
BB09AC03 Dry Power Transformers (Air And Resin) C NA
BB09AC04 Power Transformers For Underwater Installation B NA
BB09AC05 Autotransformers And Current Regulators C NA
BB09AD01 Static Uninterrupted Power Supply Units Ac/Dc/Ac.<= 10 Kva C NA
BB09AD02 Static Uninterrupted Power Supply Units Ac/Dc/Ac.> 10 Kva C NA
BB09AD03 Ac/Dc Static Uninterrupted Power Syst With Or Without Batt C NA
BB09AD04 Lead Accumulators C NA
BB09AD05 Ni-Cd Accumulators C NA
BB09AD06 Dry Accumulators C NA
BB09AD07 Components And Spare Parts For Uninterruptible Power Supply C NA
BB09AE01 Lv Electrical Boards C NA
BB09AE02 Mv (<52kv) Electrical Boards B NA
BB09AE03 Insulated Hv Electrical Boards In Gis (>52kv) A NA
BB09AE04 Ac Electrical Boards B NA
BB09AE05 Ordinary Electrical Board System (<= 500 Kw) B NA
BB09AE06 Complex Electrical Board System (>= 500 Kw) B NA
BB09AE07 Ex On Field Distribution Boards B NA
BB09AE08 Industrial Type On Field Distribution Boards B NA
BB09AE09 Rephasing Electrical Condensers C NA
BB09AE10 Lv Switches In Air C NA
BB09AE11 Modular Lv Switches C NA
BB09AE12 Mv Switches (<52kv) B NA
BB09AE13 Hv Switches In Air (>52kv) B NA
BB09AE14 Lv Disconnectors C NA
BB09AE16 Hv Disconnectors In Air C NA
BB09AE17 Remote Mv Contacts Or Switches C NA
BB09AE18 Remote Lv Contacts Or Switches C NA
BB09AE19 Industrial Type Command-Control Equipment C NA
BB09AE21 Thermal Protection Devices (Fuses, Fuse Holders) C NA
BB09AE22 Electrical Protection Relays C NA
BB09AE23 Electrical Metering Instruments C NA
BB09AE24 Measurement Transformers (Ta/Tv) C NA
BB09AE26 Travel Stop For Automation C NA
BB09AE27 Parts And Spare Parts For Electrical Boards C NA
BB09AE30 Electrical Feeders And Static Converters (Dc/Dc Conv.) C NA
BB09AE32 Overvoltage Dischargers C NA
BB09AF01 Cathode Protection System Package B NA
BB09AF02 Plants For Monitoring Cathode Protection C NA
BB09AF05 Transformer/Rectifier For Cathode Protection C NA
BB09AF07 Blow-Out Anodes C NA
BB09AF08 Anodes For Impressed Current Cathode Protection Systems C NA
BB09AF09 Consumables And Sundry For Cathode Protection C NA
BB09AG01 Equipment For "Ex" Lighting For Classified Area C NA
BB09AG02 Lighting Equipment For Industrial Plants And Buildings C NA
BB09AG03 Lighting Materials For Roads And Yards C NA
BB09AG04 Light Fittings C NA
BB09AG05 Floodlights C NA
BB09AG06 Lighting Components And Spare Parts C NA
BB09AG07 Portable Torches And Lamps C NA
BB09AH01 Equipment And Tools For Electrical Workshop C NA
BB09AH02 Raw Material For Solar Panel Production C NA
BB09AH03 Photovoltaic Chips And Cells C NA
BB09AH04 Photovoltaic Modules C NA
BB09AH05 Components For Photovoltaic Systems C NA
BB09AH06 Integrated Printed Circuits C NA
BB09AH07 Electronic Power Components C NA
BB09AH09 Plastic Sheaths And Protection For Cables C NA
BB09AH10 Metal Support Articles For Electrical Material C NA
BB09AH11 Electrical Material For Industrial Plant And Building Power C NA
BB09AH12 Electrical Material For "Ex" Power Drives C NA
BB09AH13 Spare Material For Electrical Equipment C NA
BB09AH14 Sundry Electrical Material In Stock For "Ex" Plants C NA
BB09AH15 Sundry Industrial Electrical Material In Stock C NA
BB09AH16 Material For Earthing Systems/ Lightning Conduction C NA
BB09AH17 Microprocessors C NA
BB09AH18 Iron Clamps, Hooks (Electrical Systems) C NA
BB09AH19 Sundry Adhesive Tape For Electrical Use C NA
BB09AH21 Metal Cable Trays And Accessories C NA
BB09AH23 Industrial Type Cable Glands C NA
BB09AH24 Ship And Aircraft Obstacle Marking Systems C NA
BB09AH25 Voltage Stabilizers C NA
BB09AH26 Thermistors C NA
BB09AH27 Conduit And Accessories For "Ex" Electrical Systems C NA
BB09AH28 Industrial Type Conduit And Accessories C NA
BB10AA02 Inorganic Acids C NA
BB10AA03 Organic Acids C NA
BB10AA04 Alcohols, Phenols, Glycerine C NA
BB10AA05 Aminoderivates C NA
BB10AA06 Carbons And Natural Activated Mineral Matter C NA
BB10AA07 Glycols C C
BB10AA08 Hydroxides C NA
BB10AA09 Inert Materials C NA
BB10AA10 Purifying Materials C NA
BB10AA11 Monomers C NA
BB10AA12 Chemical Products For On-Site Treatment (Water And Process) C NA
BB10AA13 Chemical Products For Gas/Crude Oil Treatment C NA
BB10AA14 Thermodurcissable Resines C NA
BB10AA15 Inorganic Salts C NA
BB10AA16 Organic Salts C NA
BB10AA17 Solvents C NA
BB10AA18 Stearates C NA
BB10AA19 Filtering Soil C NA
BB10AA20 Products/Additives Drilling Mud And Completion Fluids C NA
BB10AA21 Products/Additives For Cementing In Service Contracts C C
BB10AA22 Cements For Drilling C C
BB10AA25 Oil-Absorbing Materials C NA
BB10AB01 Formulation And Finishing Additives (Master,Antiox,Carb Blk) C NA
BB10AB02 Processing Additives (Surfactants) C NA
BB10AB05 Polymerization Additives C NA
BB10AB06 Additives For Mineral Oils And Fuels C NA
BB10AB07 Odorizers C NA
BB10AC01 Acid Catalysts C NA
BB10AC02 Combustion Catalysts C NA
BB10AC03 Cracking Catalysts C NA
BB10AC04 Polymerization Catalysts (Peroxides) C NA
BB10AC05 Co-Catalysts (Alkanes) C NA
BB10AC06 Custom Catalysts (Process Catalysts) C NA
BB10AD01 Industrial Use Cryogenic Liquid (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Etc.) C NA
BB10AD02 Heat Exchange Fluids C NA
BB10AD03 Freon (Chlorofluoromethane) C NA
BB10AD04 Technical Gases C NA
BB10AE01 Fuels - Lubricating Oils And Greases (Laboratory Use) C NA
BB10AE02 Combustible Oils C NA
BB10AE03 Process Oils C NA
BB10AE04 Lubricating Oils With Over 70% Petroleum Oils C NA
BB10AE05 Lubricating Oils With Under 70% Petroleum Oils C NA
BB10AE06 Vehicle Fuels C NA
BB10AE07 Greasers, Lubricants And Other Products For Valves C NA
BB11AA01 Crude Steel Casts And Presses C NA
BB11AA02 Aluminium And Aluminium Alloy Casts C NA
BB11AA03 Crude Iron Casts C NA
BB11AA04 Iron Or Steel Ingots And Similar C NA
BB11AA05 Iron/Steel Perforated Bars For Mechanical Use C NA
BB11AA06 Traps C NA
BB11AB01 Plastic Boards, Sheets, Strips C NA
BB11AB02 Vulcanized Rubber Boards, Sheets, Strips C NA
BB11AB03 Glass And Glass Products C NA
BB11AB04 Plywood Sheets And Other Processed Wood C NA
BB11AB05 Plastic Rods, Bars, Wire C NA
BB11AB06 Plastic Bars C NA
BB11AC01 Full Section Laminated Or Forged Steel Bars C NA
BB11AC02 Iron Or Steel Drawn Wire And Bars C NA
BB11AC03 Wire, Bars And Sections In Other Metal And Their Alloys C NA
BB11AC04 Copper Wire, Bars And Sections C NA
BB11AC05 Aluminium Wire, Bars And Sections C NA
BB11AC06 Iron Or Steel Screens C NA
BB11AC07 Iron, Steel And Stainless Steel Raw Sheets C NA
BB11AC08 Iron And Steel Plated Sheets C NA
BB11AC09 Iron Or Steel Plated Tin Sheets C NA
BB11AC10 Iron And Steel Striated Sheets C NA
BB11AC12 Wide Steel Plates C NA
BB11AC15 Stretched Metal Meshes C NA
BB11AD01 Common Metal Articles For Ironmongery C NA
BB11AD02 Threaded Bars In Iron And Steel C NA
BB11AD03 Steel Anchor Bolts And Stays C NA
BB11AD04 Mooring Chains And Hawsers C NA
BB11AD05 Conveyor Or Transmission Belts, Strips C NA
BB11AD06 Mechanical Components For Laboratory Applications C NA
BB11AD07 Roller Bearings (All Types) C NA
BB11AD08 Iron Or Steel Ropes, Cords, Cables And Chains C NA
BB11AD09 Transmission Joints C NA
BB11AD10 Cogs C NA
BB11AD12 Pulleys C NA
BB11AD13 Metal Meshes, Grids And Gauzes C NA
BB11AD14 Bearing Housing C NA
BB11AD15 Mechanical Seals For Fluids C NA
BB11AD16 Metal Flexible Pipes, Not For Electrical Use C NA
BB11AD17 Screws, Nuts And Bolts, Copper And Its Alloys C NA
BB11AE01 Ring Seals C NA
BB11AE02 Metal/Plastic Pudding C NA
BB11AE03 Washers, Spacers And Joints In Vulcanized Rubber C NA
BB11AE04 Anti-Vibration Corrugated Flexible Rubber Joints C NA
BB11AE05 Plastic Washers And Pudding C NA
BB11AE06 Graphite Or Carbon Washers And Other C NA
BB11AE07 Washers For Laboratory Applications C NA
BB11AE08 Rubber Flange Protectors C NA
BB11AF02 Composites For Pickling And Welding C NA
BB11AF04 Electrodes, Wires, Powder, Etc. For Welding C NA
BB11AF05 Abrasive Wheels, Stones, Paper And Cloth C NA
BB11AG01 Cement Articles (Excluding Poles), Concrete, Stones C NA
BB11AG02 Mineral Articles (Excluding Ceramic) C NA
BB11AG03 Fixed Hydraulic-Ceramic Hygiene/Sanitary Articles C NA
BB11AG04 Metal Hydraulic Hygiene/Sanitary Articles C NA
BB11AG06 Wooden Structures C NA
BB11AG07 Building Cement C NA
BB11AG09 Vegetable Fibre-Cement Agglomerate Products C NA
BB11AG11 Reinforced Centrifuged Concrete Poles C NA
BB11AG12 Insulating Panels For Partitions C NA
BB11AG14 Fire Resistant/Break Single Composition Doors/Walls C NA
BB11AG15 Metal, Non-Structural And Non-Fire Resistant Doors/Walls C NA
BB11AG16 Structural And/Or Fire Resistant Doors/Walls C NA
BB11AG17 Iron Or Steel Fencing And Acc C NA
BB11AG18 Taps For Water And Hygiene/Sanitary Systems C NA
BB11AG19 Sands (Not Metalliferous) C NA
BB11AG20 Stairs C NA
BB11AG21 Aluminium And Aluminium Alloy Locks For Buildings C NA
BB11AG22 Single-Block Hygiene Service C NA
BB11AH01 Paints And Solvents C NA
BB11AH02 Fire-Proofing Materials C NA
BB11AH03 Insulators C NA
BB11AH04 Water-Proofing Materials C NA
BB11AH05 Bitumen Coatings C NA
BB12AA01 Wooden Pallets C NA
BB12AA02 Metal Pallets C NA
BB12AA03 Plastic Pallets C NA
BB12AA04 Containers C NA
BB12AB01 Steel Containers And Kegs C NA
BB12AB02 Aluminium Containers C NA
BB12AB03 Plastic Containers And Kegs C NA
BB12AB04 Wooden Containers C NA
BB12AB05 Cloth Packaging Sacks And Bags C NA
BB12AB06 Paper / Cardboard Containers C NA
BB12AB07 Various Petrol Station Containers C NA
BB12AC01 Metal Accessories For Packaging C NA
BB12AC02 Accessories For Packaging C NA
BB12AC03 Films And Wraps For Palletization C NA
BB12AC04 Big Bags C NA
BB12AD01 Compressed Gas Containers In Steel - Welded B NA
BB12AD02 Compressed Gas Containers In Steel - Not Welded C NA
BB12AD03 Compressed Gas Containers In Aluminium C NA
BB12AE01 Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastic Tanks C NA
BB12AE02 Metal Lpg Tanks Under 5 Cubic Metres C NA
BB12AE03 Metal Lpg Tanks Over 5 Cubic Metres C NA
BB12AE04 Fuel And Water Petrol Station Tanks C NA
BB12AE05 Petrol Station Lpg Tanks C NA
BB13AA01 Vehicles - People Transport C C
BB13AA02 Vehicles - Materials Transport C NA
BB13AA03 Road Tractors C NA
BB13AA04 Tanker Vehicles For Liquid And Gas Products C NA
BB13AA05 Emergency And Rescue Vehicles C C
BB13AA06 Armored Car B NA
BB13AB01 Aircraft C C
BB13AB02 Helicopters C C
BB13AC01 Special Craft (Searchlight, Dredgers, Etc.) C NA
BB13AC03 Lifeboats C NA
BB13AC04 Rafts Et Boats C C
BB13AD01 Anchors C NA
BB13AD02 Buoys C NA
BB13AD03 Spare Parts For Vehicles C NA
BB13AD04 Spare Parts, Lubricants And Consumables For Aircraft C NA
BB14AA01 Turnkey Solutions Mainly For Servers C C
BB14AA02 Turnkey Solutions Mainly For Storage C C
BB14AA03 Enterprise Servers C NA
BB14AA04 Midrange And Entry Level Servers C NA
BB14AA05 High Performance Computer Systems & Related Storage Systems B C
BB14AA06 Personal Computers And Accessories C NA
BB14AA07 Unix Workstations C NA
BB14AA08 Plotters C NA
BB14AA09 Large Format Scanners C NA
BB14AA10 Tape Media Storage C NA
BB14AA11 Mass Storage C NA
BB14AA12 Tape Library C NA
BB14AA13 Fc Switches C NA
BB14AA14 Pda And Pda Phones C NA
BB14AA15 Eft Pos C NA
BB14AA16 Operating Lease Hardware C NA
BB14AB01 Specialized Management Application Software Licence C NA
BB14AB02 Operating Software Licence C NA
BB14AB03 Basic Software Licence C NA
BB14AB04 Network Software Licence C NA
BB14AB05 Data Processing And Search Software Licence C NA
BB14AB06 Specialist T/S Application Software Licence C NA
BB14AB07 Software Development Tools And Packages Licence C NA
BB14AB08 Operating Lease Software C NA
BB14AC01 Pabx (Private Automatic Telephone Exchange) C NA
BB14AC02 Paga (Publ Address General Alarm)With Amplifier/Loudspeakers C NA
BB14AC03 Vhf Radio Equipment (Marine/Aeronautical Application) C C
BB14AC04 Fixed/Mobile Vhf Radio Equipment For Safety Applications C C
BB14AC05 Uhf Radio Equipment For Data/Voice Transmission C C
BB14AC06 Sdh System For Voice/Data Transmission C NA
BB14AC07 Satellite And Gps Equipment C C
BB14AC08 Gps Based Position Indicator Equipment C NA
BB14AC09 Non Directional Radio Beacon System For Platform-Helicopters C NA
BB14AC10 Epirb System For Lifeboats C C
BB14AC11 Offshore Structure Oscillation Monitoring System C C
BB14AC12 Weather Monitoring System C C
BB14AC13 Burglary/Shoplifting Detection Systems And Interphone C C
BB14AC14 Cctv Video-Surveillance Systems C C
BB14AC15 Radio-Television Transmission Systems C C
BB14AC16 Radio-Television Receiver Systems (Tv/Decoder/Radio/Dvd/Etc. C C
BB14AC17 Parts And Spare Parts For Telecommunications C NA
BB14AC18 Telephone Devices (Internal Or External) C NA
BB14AC19 Normal Or Flame-Proof Loudspeakers, Headphones And Microphon C NA
BB14AC20 Aerials And Wave Reflectors (Inc Satellite) C NA
BB14AC21 Fibre Optics Patch Panel C NA
BB14AC22 Router, Switch And Modem C NA
BB14AC23 Spectrum Analyzer And Ros Meter For Radio Waves C C
BB14AC24 Fibre Optics Check Instruments C NA
BB14AC25 Sound Amplifiers C NA
BB14AC26 Fibre Optic Cables C NA
BB14AC27 Coaxial Cables C NA
BB14AC28 Telephone And Ethernet Cables C NA
BB14AC29 Telephone And Data Transmission Exhanges C NA
BB14AC30 Intercom/Video Intercom C NA
BB14AC31 Fax, Telex-Teletex C NA
BB14AC32 Radio Bridges C C
BB14AC33 Access Control System C NA
BB14AC34 Audio And Video Conference Systems C NA
BB14AC36 Coaxial Cable Earthing Kit For Telecommunications C NA
BB14AC38 Cabinets, Frames, Submodules And Accessories C NA
BB14AC40 Radio Frequency Identification C NA
BB15AA01 Office Furnishings C NA
BB15AA02 Petrol Station Shop Furnishings (Furniture, Shelves) C NA
BB15AA04 Furniture Restaurants And Bars C NA
BB15AA05 House Furnishings C NA
BB15AA06 Customised Furnishings C NA
BB15AA07 Hotel, Holiday Centre Furnishings C NA
BB15AA08 Laboratory Furniture C NA
BB15AA09 Warehouse And Office Furniture C NA
BB15AA10 School And Conference Hall Furniture C NA
BB15AA11 Training Structure Furniture C NA
BB15AA12 Health Structure Furniture C NA
BB15AA13 Antiques And Works Of Art C NA
BB15AA14 Carpets, Floor Covering, Tapestry C NA
BB15AB01 Franking Machines C NA
BB15AB02 Sound Recording/Playing Equipment C NA
BB15AB03 Binoculars, Telescopes, Microscopes And Optical Instruments C NA
BB15AB04 Calculators C NA
BB15AB05 Photocopiers C NA
BB15AB06 Typewriters C NA
BB15AB07 Machines And Equipment For Printing And Binding C NA
BB15AB08 Projectors And Photo/Cinematographic Equipment C NA
BB15AB09 Drawing, Marking, Calculating Tools C NA
BB15AB10 Paper Shredders C NA
BB15AC01 Medical/Sanitary Instruments/Equipment C NA
BB15AC02 Dental Instruments/Equipment C NA
BB15AC04 Glassware For Laboratories, Pharmacies C NA
BB15AC05 Chemical Medicinal And Pharmaceutical Products C NA
BB15AD01 Domestic Appliances (Ppv And Onshore) C NA
BB15AD02 Industrial Cookers C NA
BB15AD03 Dishwashers (Not Domestic) C NA
BB15AD04 Bar Equipment (Coffee Machines, Cup Washers...) C NA
BB15AD05 Freezers C NA
BB15AD06 Bathroom Furnishings And Items For Hygiene-Sanitation C NA
BB15AD07 Plastic Household Items C NA
BB15AD08 Majolica, Porcelain And Ceramic Items And Tableware C NA
BB15AD09 Metal Items And Tableware C NA
BB15AD10 Plastic Hygiene-Sanitation Items C NA
BB15AD11 Sport And Amusement Items C NA
BB15AD12 Hand Dryers C NA
BB15AD13 Linen And Cloth Items For Furnishing C NA
BB15AD14 Safes, Safe Deposit Boxes And Similar C NA
BB15AD15 Knives, Cutlery, Razors, Scissors And Shears C NA
BB15AD16 Bed Fittings (Pillows, Mattresses, Etc.) C NA
BB15AD17 Sundry Burn-Proofing C NA
BB15AD18 Glassware For Domestic, Hotel And Restaurant Use C NA
BB15AE01 Stationery And Consumables For Office Equipment C NA
BB15AE02 Paper C NA
BB15AE03 Graph Paper For Recording Instruments C NA
BB15AE05 Postcards And Greetings Cards C NA
BB15AE06 Calendars C NA
BB15AE07 Paper Or Cardboard Labels C NA
BB15AE09 Chemical Products And Preparations For Office Et Lab C NA
BB15AE10 Slates Or Blackboards C NA
BB16AA02 Work Clothing C NA
BB16AB01 Breathing Equipment C NA
BB16AB02 Protective Footwear, Gloves And Accessories C NA
BB16AB03 Work Helmets And Their Accessories C NA
BB16AB04 Fire-Proof Protective Garments C NA
BB16AB05 Eye And Face Protection Systems C NA
BB16AB06 Gasmasks, Dustmasks, Filters C NA
BB16AB07 Life-Jackets And Life-Belts C NA
BB16AB08 Hearing Protection System C NA
BB16AB09 Sea Survival Suits (Helicopter Flights) C NA
BB16AB10 Emergency, First Aid And Fire Equipment C C
BB16AB11 Hazardous And Inflammable Chemical Handling Equipment C NA
BB16AB12 Anti-Fall Devices C NA
BB16AC03 Petrol Station Wall Hangings (Signs, Posters, Etc) C NA
BB16AC04 Brick-A-Brack And Jewellery C NA
BB16AC06 Prints And Products Typographical C NA
BB16AD01 Fuel Vouchers C NA
BB16AD02 Magnetic Cards, Chip Cards Etc C NA
BB16AD03 Diy Cards C NA
BB16AE01 Safety Signs C NA
BB16AE03 Luminous Signs C NA
BB16AE04 Plastic Road Signs C NA
BB16AE06 Marker Poles For Gas Pipelines C NA
BB16AF01 Maps And Other Geographical Works C NA
BB16AF02 Typescripts, Manuscripts, Etc. C NA
BB16AF03 Commercial Or Industrial Drawings C NA
BB16AF04 Newspapers, Magazines And Periodicals C NA
BB16AF05 Books And Printed Leaflets C NA
BB16AF06 Prints And Other Graphic Works C NA
BB16AG01 Cloth/Plastic Items (Tarpaulins, Curtains, Sacks, Etc.) C NA
BB16AG02 Foodstuffs And Beverages C NA
BB16AG03 Cables And Rope Items C NA
BB16AG04 Transport Cages For People And Things C NA
BB16AG05 Sensitive Plates And Films For Photos, Cinema, X-Ray C NA
BB16AG06 Brushes, Flat Brushes, Etc. C NA
BB16AG08 Seismic Survey Explosives C C
BB16BA01 Promotion Food Goods C NA
BB16BA02 Promotional Non Food Goods C NA
LL01AA09 Heavy Lifting B A
LL01AA14 Channelled Network Construction C A
LL01AA15 Plant Dismantling B A
LL01AA16 Specialist Work On Piping (Clamping, Adjustments, Etc.) C A
LL01AA24 Construction Of Solar Photovoltaic Systems C A
LL01AA27 Small Modifications+Maintenance Of Plant Systems C A
LL01AA28 Installation Of Washing Plants/Equipment For Canteens B A
LL01AB01 Prefabrication Modules C A
LL01AB02 Module Installation A A
LL01AB03 Hook-Up Work A A
LL01AC03 Pvc And Polypropylene Pipeline Construction C A
LL01AD01 Machine Tooling C A
LL01AD02 Various Workshop Processing C A
LL01AD03 Heat Treatment And Galvanisation C A
LL01AE01 Electrical Assembly Above Cee Threshold B A
LL01AE03 Electrical And Equipment Assembly Below Cee Threshold B A
LL01AE05 Electric Cable And Line Laying B A
LL01AE10 Instrument Assembly Above Cee Threshold B A
LL01AE11 Advanced Process Control System Assembly B A
LL01AF01 Assembly Of Telecommunication Systems B A
LL01AF02 Telephone Lines And Systems B A
LL01BA01 Onshore Decommissioning Works B A
LL01BA02 Offshore Decommissioning Works A A
LL02AA01 Earth Movement C A
LL02AA02 Pilework With Beaten Piles B A
LL02AA03 Pilework With Micropiles B A
LL02AA04 Pilework With Drilled Piles B A
LL02AA05 Civil Demolition Work B A
LL02AA08 Green Area Creation And Maintenance C B
LL02AA09 Creation Of Parks And Gardens C B
LL02AB01 Construction Of Posts For Drilling Plants B A
LL02AB02 Construction Of Tunnels, Bridges, Crossings, Etc. B A
LL02AB03 Construction Of Rail Links B A
LL02AB04 Construction Of Canals, Aqueducts, Sewers B A
LL02AB05 Construction Of Road Metalling/Surfacing (Including Digging) B A
LL02AB06 Cement Foundation (Equipment, Steel Structures, Etc.) C A
LL02AB07 Road Signal Installation C C
LL02AB08 Civil Work Related To Works At Sea A A
LL02AB09 Deepwater Subsea Work A A
LL02AB10 Shallow Water Subsea Work C A
LL02AB11 Cooling Tower Construction B A
LL02AB12 Oil Drain Construction B A
LL02AB18 Constr.+Mtnc+Mgmt Of Thermal/Air-Condition.Sys. C B
LL02AB20 Constr/Mtnc Of Electrical Sys.+Similar For Civil Appl. C B
LL02AB21 Construction And Maintenance Of Elevator Plants C A
LL02AB22 Construction And Renovation Of Building Works B A
LL02AC01 Prefabricated Building Construction C A
LL02AC02 Construction And Renovation Of Civil And Industrial Building C A
LL02AC03 Civil Waterproofing C A
LL02AC04 Containment, Coating And Finishing Work C A
LL02AC05 Accessory Building Work (Frames, Partitions, Floating Decks, C A
LL02AC06 Fixed And Mobile Scaffolding C A
LL03AA01 Civil Paintwork C A
LL03AA02 Onshore Industrial Plant Paintwork C A
LL03AA03 Offshore Plant And Structure Paintwork B A
LL03AB01 Application Of Insulating And Sound-Proof Coverings B A
LL03AB02 Application Of Anti-Acid Coverings B A
LL03AB03 Application Of Anti-Corrosion Coverings B A
LL03AB04 Laying And Installation Of Refractory Materials B A
LL03AB05 Anti-Corrosion/Insulation Covering For Pipelines And Sealine B A
LL03AB09 Fireproofing C A
LL03AB10 Tank Vitrification B A
LL03AB11 On Site Application Of Double Wall For Fuel Tanks B A
LL03AB12 Thermal Insulation For Sealines/Pipelines B A
LL04AA05 Boost Station Epc For Gas/Oil Pipelines A A
LL04AB07 Offshore Epc Drilling Rig A A
LL04AB08 Onshore Epc Drilling Rig A A
LL04AB09 Epc Platform Rig A A
LL04AC01 Epc Of Single Downstream Oil&Gas Process Plants B A
LL04AC02 Depot Epc And Logistics B A
LL04AC03 Refinery Epc A A
LL04AC04 Epc Of Chemical And Fertilizer Plants A A
LL04AC05 Epc Central Processing Oil / Gas Sep Sum Up To 20 Ml A A
LL04AC06 Environmental Plant Epc B A
LL04AC07 Epc Central Processing Oil / Gas Sep Sum Up To 40 Ml A A
LL04AC08 Early Production Facility For Oil/Gas Treatment A A
LL04AC09 Plants For The Production Of Biomethane C A
LL04AD01 Epc Cogenerazone Of Plants With A Gas Turbine B A
LL04AD02 Epc Of Thermoelectric Power Plant A A
LL04AD03 Epc Of Power Lines Hv A A
LL04AD04 Epc Of Plants With Cogeneration Combined Cycle B A
LL04AD05 Epc Of Cogeneration Plant With Internal Combustion Engines B A
LL04AD06 Onshore Wind Farm B A
LL04AD07 Grid Scale Energy Storage System B A
LL04AE01 Civil Construction Above Cee Threshold B A
LL04AE02 Civil Construction Below Cee Threshold B A
LL04AG02 Constr Nat Gas Distrib Syst/Therm Energy Above Eu Thresholds A A
LL04AG03 Constr Nat Gas Distrib Syst/Therm Energy Below Eu Threshold B A
LL05BA01 Production Facilities - Onshore A A
LL05BA02 Liquified Natural Gas (Lng) - Onshore A A
LL05BA03 Pipelines Onshore A A
LL05BA04 Unconventional Production Facilities A A
LL05BB01 Production Facilities - Offshore A A
LL05BB02 Liquified Natural Gas (Lng) - Offshore A A
LL05BB03 Offshore Installations - Sealine Epci A A
LL05BC01 Set Up And Maintenance Of Outlets B A
LL05BC02 Security Related Integrated Systems Production And Maintenan B B
LL05BD01 Mechanical Assembly And Supply Laying B A
LL05BE01 Epc Downstream B A
SS01AA17 Engineer Services For Retail B B
SS01AB11 Civil And Architectural Design (Work Management & Testing) C B
SS01AB17 Urban Planning C NA
SS01AB18 Space Planning & Interior Design C NA
SS01AC01 Environmental Impact Studies B C
SS01AC02 Risk Analysis And Environmental Impact Assessment C C
SS01AC03 Environmental Characterization Planning C C
SS01AC04 Reclamation Planning B C
SS01AC05 Safety Operations Planning B C
SS01AC06 Integrated Environmental Engineering Services B C
SS01AD02 Services Management, Supervision, Care Work On Projects C B
SS01AD03 Safety Coordination In Civil Buildings C C
SS01AD08 Acquis. Of Personn.,+Status Of Consist.+Damage Calc. C NA
SS01AD12 Works Mgmt, Supervision, Assist. For Mobile Sites C A
SS01AD13 Supervision And Excavations (Archaeology) C A
SS01AD15 Process Dynamic Simulation B A
SS01AE01 Procurement Services C NA
SS01AE02 Technical Mionitoring Service At Suppliers' Premises And Exp B B
SS01AF01 Goods Testing C A
SS01AF02 Works And Services Testing C B
SS01AF03 Xr, Gamma Ray, Heat Treatment Checks B A
SS01AF04 Quantitative/Qualitative Inspections Of Crude/Petroleum Prod C A
SS01AF05 Fuel And Lubricant Analyses C A
SS01AF06 Gas Metering And Treatment C A
SS01AF07 Vibration Analysis Service C A
SS01AF08 Ndt Service Technical Trials And Laboratory Tests C A
SS01AF09 Corrosion Monitoring Service C A
SS01AF10 Ndt Services Tubular / Mill Surveillance B A
SS01AF11 Internal Inspection Services And Cleaning With Pig B A
SS01AF12 Regular Inspections On Elect.Sys. According To Curr.Regul. C B
SS01AF13 Measurement Services For Cathodic Protection C B
SS01AF14 Gas Dispersion Prevention Research Service B A
SS01AF15 Pig Hire For Internal Conduit Cleaning C C
SS01AF16 Unmanned Platforms Surveillance, Monit. And Inspec. Services C B
SS01AF17 Legal Metrological Control Services For The Petrol Stations C A
SS01BA01 Feasibility Studies, Basic Engineering And Feed B NA
SS01BA02 Detailed And Executive Engineering B C
SS01BA03 Engineering Maintenance B C
SS01BA04 Engineering Support Services B NA
SS01BA05 Metocean,Hydraulic And Marine Structures Engineering Studies B B
SS02AA01 Geological Studies And Surveys A A
SS02AA05 Reservoir Studies B C
SS02AC02 High Precision Leveling A B
SS02AD05 Geophysical Inspect/Mtnc Of Sealines+Offsh P+Dock.Stat. B A
SS02AE01 Weather Services C NA
SS02AE02 Meteoceanographic And Offshore Environment Analyses C C
SS02AE03 Meteorological And Onshore Environment Analyses A C
SS02BA01 Seismic Data Acquisition A A
SS02BA02 Topography, Cartography & Remote Sensing A B
SS02BA03 Gravimetric/Magnetometric/Electromagnetic Surveys B A
SS02BA04 Geophysical Studies And Interpretations B NA
SS02BA05 Microseismic - Planning, Acquisition, Processing B B
SS02BA06 Seismic Data Processing A NA
SS02BA07 Multiclient G&G A NA
SS02BA08 Services For The Supervision Of Geophysics B C
SS02BA09 Microseismic - Maintenance And Repair B B
SS02BB01 Geological Studies B C
SS02BB02 Environmental And Geodynamic Geology A B
SS02BB03 Geotecnical And Environmental Analysis For Engineering A A
SS03AA01 Ground/Surface Water/Groundwater Specific Remediation Tech B A
SS03AA02 Water Source Clean-Up B A
SS03AA03 Hydrocarbons Clean-Up (Containm/Purificat/Treatment Spills) B A
SS03AA04 Environmental Civil Works B A
SS03AA05 Environmental Shaping Of Contaminated Decommissioned Sites B A
SS03AA06 Conveyance, Transport, Treatment Purific Of Industrial Water B A
SS03AA07 Control And Removal Of Oil Residues B A
SS03AA08 Restoration Of Area To Natural State C A
SS03AA09 Treatment / Sewage Water Management Systems B A
SS03AA10 Video-Inspection And Relining Of Pipe B B
SS03AA11 Mine-Clearing Services C A
SS03AB01 Clean-Up Of Industrial Equipment B A
SS03AB02 Clean-Up Of Tanks B A
SS03AB04 Chemical Washing C A
SS03AB05 Hydrodynamic Washing C A
SS03AC01 Collection,Removal,Transport And Disposal Of Industr Waste B A
SS03AC02 Collection/Transport/Treatment/Disposal Of Drilling/Producti B A
SS03AC03 Industrial Waste Microcollection And Plastic Waste Recycling B A
SS03AC04 Gas Meter Scrapping Service C A
SS03AC05 Landfill Management For Hazardous And Non-Hazardous Industri C A
SS03AC06 Chem, Phys,Org Treat Plants X Sol-Liq-Muddy Ind Waste-Incine C A
SS03AC07 Intermediation, Handling And Disposal Of Various Waste C A
SS03AC09 Sources And Radioactive Waste Management B A
SS03AC10 Recovery Of Ferrous Metals C B
SS03AD01 Waste Treatment Plant Management B A
SS03AD02 Ground Water Treat. Plant (Taf), Water Treat. Sludge B A
SS03AF01 Offshore Emergency First Response A A
SS03AF02 Onshore Emergency First Response A A
SS03AF03 Securing Land, Water Sources, Equipment And Plants B A
SS03AF04 Services With Anti-Pollution Equipment C A
SS03AG01 Asbestos Clean-Up In Compact Matrix B A
SS03AG02 Asbestos Clean-Up In Friable Matrix B A
SS03AH01 Biological/Noise/Atmosphere/Water/Soil Monitoring Services B C
SS03AH02 Chemical, Physical, Biological And Goods Analyses C C
SS03AH03 Geochemical Analyses A C
SS04AA01 Management And Organizational Consultancy C NA
SS04AA02 Personnel Related Consultancy C NA
SS04AA03 Corporate Investigation Consultancy C NA
SS04AA04 Ict Related Consultancy C NA
SS04AA05 Strategic Consultancy C NA
SS04AA06 Technical And Specialistic Consulting Services (Hseq) C B
SS04AA07 Technical And Specialist Consultancy (R&D) C NA
SS04AA08 Corporate And Governance Consultancy C NA
SS04AA09 Commerical Consultancy For Market Research, Communication An C NA
SS04AA10 Administrative, Tax And Financial Consultancy C NA
SS04AA11 Legal Consultancy C NA
SS04AA12 Notarial Consultancy C NA
SS04AA13 Strategic Advice And / Or Organizational Management Of High B NA
SS04AA14 Consultations Internal Audit C NA
SS04AA15 Consultancy For Institutional Relations And Sustainability C NA
SS04AA16 Consultancy In The Sector Of Trading C NA
SS04AB01 Services In The Strategic,Management,Organizational Field C NA
SS04AB02 Serv.Related To Personnel:Pers.Admin./Manag.,Internal Commun C NA
SS04AB03 Security, Survey And Risk Analysis For Safety C NA
SS04AB04 Services Related To Personnel: Evaluation Of Skills And Prof C NA
SS04AB05 Services Related To Personnel: Temporary Personnel C NA
SS04AB06 Services Related To Personnel: Recruitment And Selection C NA
SS04AB07 Health Related Studies And Projects: Specialist Professional C C
SS04AB08 Health Impacts/Risks Studies And Evaluations C C
SS04AB09 Other Training Courses C NA
SS04AB12 Fire-Fighting Courses B A
SS04AB13 First-Aid Courses B NA
SS04AB14 H2s And Toxic Gas Use Prevention/Protection Training Courses B A
SS04AB15 Survival At Sea/Life-Boat Manager Training Courses B A
SS04AB17 Petrol Station Network Manager Courses C NA
SS04AB18 Training For External Resources C NA
SS04AB19 Administrative/Accounting Services C NA
SS04AB20 Legal Defence Services For Tax Related Disputes C NA
SS04AB21 Commercial Services: Debt Recovery From Users C NA
SS04AB22 Commercial Serv:Debt Recovery From User(Investigat Services) C NA
SS04AB23 Commercial Services: Info And Financial Assessment Supplier C NA
SS04AB24 Commercial Services: Market Surveys And Studies C NA
SS04AB25 Technical Serv:Analysis Of Risk/Reliability Of Plants/Compon B C
SS04AB26 Technical Services: Vendor Management Support Services B C
SS04AB27 Technical Services: Preparation Operational Safety Manuals C NA
SS04AB28 Technical Services: Control/Application Of Quality Plans / Q C C
SS04AB29 Technical Services: Subsidence Studies And Controls C B
SS04AB30 Technical Services: Specialist Corrosion Studies C A
SS04AB31 Technical Services: Safety Related Inspect And Techn Checks C B
SS04AB32 Technical Services: Safety Studies C B
SS04AB33 Technical Services: Hse, Audit And Certification Management B C
SS04AB35 Technical Services: Translations C NA
SS04AB37 It Services: Assistance For Systems And S.M. C NA
SS04AB38 It Services: Assistance For Systems - Development Of Tlc Inf B NA
SS04AB41 It Services: Management/Development Of Pa For Company T/S-Ap C NA
SS04AB42 It Services:Studies On The Manag./Developm. Of Company's Tec C NA
SS04AB43 It Services: Specialist It Services C NA
SS04AB44 It Services: Specialist Tlc Services C NA
SS04AB45 It Services: Specialist Application Services C NA
SS04AB46 It Services: Specialist Supplementary Services C NA
SS04AB47 It Services: Develop. Of Sw For Management Of Materials, Eng C NA
SS04AB48 Professional Services For Auditing Activities C NA
SS04AB49 R&D Services: Scientific Studies And Research C NA
SS04AB50 R&D Servics. Technical Operational Support C B
SS04AB51 R&D Services: Management Of Original Works C NA
SS04AB52 R&D Services: Patents And Licenses C NA
SS04AB53 R&D Services: Technological Monitoring C NA
SS04AB54 Professional Serivces: Journalistic Collaboration For Inform C NA
SS04AB56 Other Benefits For Professional Training C NA
SS04AB57 Technical Surveys C B
SS04AB58 Notarial And Legal Services C NA
SS04AB59 Evaluation Independante Reserves Hydrocarb. Conform Reglemen C NA
SS04AB60 Profes. Serv. For Institutional Relations And Sustainability C NA
SS04AB63 It Services: Development Of Process Systems (Scada) C NA
SS04AB70 Services In The Sector Of Trading C NA
SS04AB71 Ict Services For Technical And Scientific Applications C C
SS04BC01 Software Packages - Services B NA
SS04BD01 Specialist Studies For Drilling And Completion C NA
SS04BD02 Energy Efficiency Services B NA
SS04BD03 Safety Coordination B B
SS04BE01 Training: Training: Customer And Market Focus C NA
SS04BE02 Training: Behavioral C NA
SS04BE03 Training: Human Resources, Organization And Security C NA
SS04BE04 Training: Intercultural And Diversity Management C NA
SS04BE05 Training: It C NA
SS04BE06 Training: Multimedia C NA
SS04BE07 Training: Downstream Production C NA
SS04BE08 Training: Engineering C NA
SS04BE09 Training: Upstream Production C NA
SS04BE10 Training: Maintenance C NA
SS04BE11 Training: Research And Development C NA
SS04BE12 Training: Oil Search C NA
SS04BE13 Training: Hse - Operational Training C B
SS04BE14 Training: Health,Safety,Environment,Quality C NA
SS04BE15 Training: Hse - Health C NA
SS04BE16 Training: Legal C NA
SS04BE17 Training: Economics Business C NA
SS04BE18 Training: Project Management C NA
SS04BE19 Training: Languages C NA
SS04BE20 Training: Logistics C NA
SS04BE21 Training: Procurement C NA
SS04BE22 Training: Communication And Media Training C NA
SS05AA07 Ground Drilling Water Wells And Piexometric Wells C A
SS05AA09 Well Drilling For Non-Hydrocarbon Exploration C A
SS05AB20 Memory Gauge Hire Service C A
SS05AB35 Air/Stiff Foam Drilling Service B A
SS05AB38 Well Area Site Surveillance Services B A
SS05AB39 International Well Area Site Supervision Service B A
SS05AB43 Well Head Installation Assistance Service (On And Offshore) B A
SS05AB45 Glycol Regeneration Service B A
SS05AC01 Fpso Service (Floating Production, Storage And Offloading) A A
SS05AC08 Fso Service (Floating, Storage And Offloading) A A
SS05AC09 Fsru Services (Floating, Storage And Regassification Unit) A A
SS05AC10 Remote Operated Vehicle (Rov) Service B A
SS05AC11 Diving Service For - Drilling/Production Support B A
SS05AC16 Rent/Management Of Sea Survival Suits (Helicopter Flights) C A
SS05BA01 Offshore Rigs - Floaters A A
SS05BA02 Offshore Rigs - Jack-Up A A
SS05BA03 Offshore Rigs - Other Offshore Rigs A A
SS05BA04 Onshore Rigs A A
SS05BA05 Workover Rigs For Shallow Well A A
SS05BB01 Pulling Unit A A
SS05BB02 Multilateral Well Service (With Products And/Or Equipment) A A
SS05BB03 Artificial Lift (Services And Equipment) B A
SS05BB04 Blow-Out And Well-Killing Service A A
SS05BB05 Cementing (Services, Equipment And Products) A A
SS05BB06 Chemical Tracers B A
SS05BB07 Coiled Tubing Service And Nitrogen/Fluids Pumping Service A A
SS05BB08 Completion (Service, Equipment, Products) A A
SS05BB09 Conductor Pipe - Pile Hammering And Welding B A
SS05BB10 Coring Service B A
SS05BB11 Drilling&Completion Fluids Service (Product, Equipm. Rental) B A
SS05BB12 Drilling (Vertical & Deviated) - Mwd Lwd Service A A
SS05BB13 Drilling And Production Rental Equipment B A
SS05BB14 Expandable (Services, Equipment, Products) A A
SS05BB15 Fire Fighting Service During Production Tests In Oil Wells B A
SS05BB16 Fishing, Milling And Cutting B A
SS05BB17 Inspection Service On Drilling Rig A C
SS05BB18 Integrated Auxiliary Service Drilling/Production/Completion A A
SS05BB19 Liner Hanger (Services, Equipment And Products) A A
SS05BB20 Matrix Stimulation (Services, Equipment And Products) A A
SS05BB21 Prototypes Testing Or New Technologies For "Well Operations" B A
SS05BB22 Repair And Refurbishment Of Tubular Material Well Operations B A
SS05BB23 Rov To Support Drilling & Completion Operations A A
SS05BB24 Sand Control (Services, Equipment And Products) A A
SS05BB25 Service And Supply Of Chemicals To Treat Oil / Gas / Water B A
SS05BB26 Snubbing Unit Service A A
SS05BB27 Sour Gas Monitoring & Safety Equipment Services A A
SS05BB28 Surface Logging Service (Mud Logging) B A
SS05BB29 Tubular Running (Services And Equipment) B A
SS05BB30 Well Data Management C NA
SS05BB31 Wireline (Slickline) Service B A
SS05BB32 Wireline Logging Service B A
SS05BB33 Surface Well Testing A A
SS05BB34 Downhole Well Testing A A
SS05BB35 Distributed Sensing Service With Fiber Optic Das/Dts B A
SS05BC03 Conventional Offshore Service Vessels B A
SS05BC04 Accomodation Unit B A
SS05BC05 Diving Support Vessels And Light Subsea Work Vessels B A
SS05BC06 Small Work Boats In Localized Service & Harbour Tugs B A
SS05BC07 Aircraft Logistic Serv For Drilling/Production-Rotary Wings A A
SS05BC08 Aircraft Logistic Serv For Drilling/Production - Fixed Wings A A
SS06AA01 Repair And Maintenance Of Gas/Oil Pipelines B A
SS06AA04 Well Head Review (On And Offshore) And Related Accessories A A
SS06AA09 Generator Maintenance And Repairs C A
SS06AA14 Hoist Trolley Maintenance C NA
SS06AA15 Hoisting Equipment Maintenance And Repairs B A
SS06AA17 Cleaning Service For Boilers, Chimneys And Similar C A
SS06AA20 Underwater Structure Maintenance B A
SS06AA21 Ship Maintenance, Repair And Reclassification B A
SS06AA22 Maintenance And Repair Of Breathing Equipment, Masks And Gas C A
SS06AA23 Maintenance And Repair Air Conditioning, Heating And Cooling C A
SS06AA24 Maintenance/Repair Of Water And Hygiene/Sanitary Systems C A
SS06AA25 Systems Control And Measurement Maintenance And Management C A
SS06AA26 Repair/Maintenance Fire Protection Systems B B
SS06AA29 Petrol Station Run-Off Water Treatment Plant Maintenance C A
SS06AA31 Vehicle Maintenance, Repair And Fitting C B
SS06AA32 Maintenance And Repair Of Mechanical Laboratory Equipment C A
SS06AA33 Precious And Non-Precious Metal Recovery Service C A
SS06AA34 Catalyst Regeneration Service C A
SS06AA35 Reactor Catalyst Loading And Unloading C A
SS06AA36 Repairs On Working Circuits (Steam, Etc.) B A
SS06AA41 Poles And Pylon Maintenance B A
SS06AA42 Anti-Fall Systems Maintenance C A
SS06AA45 Life-Saving And Davits Maintenance B A
SS06AA46 Maintenance Of Aircraft , Engines And Related Components B B
SS06AB02 Cathode Protection Complex Maintenance B A
SS06AB04 Maintenance And Repair Of Electrical Laboratory Instrumentat C C
SS06AB05 Electrical, Data And Voice System Maintenance C A
SS06AB06 Sundry Domestic Appliance Maintenance And Repairs C A
SS06AB07 Colour Tv And Hifi Maintenance And Repairs C A
SS06AB21 Higt Voltage Electrical Plants Maintenance B A
SS06AC01 Civil Works Maintenance (Onshore) B A
SS06AC02 Civil Works Maintenance (Offshore) A A
SS06AC04 Special Civil Works Maintenance(Refinery Towers,Chimneys,Etc B A
SS06AC05 Building Works Maintenance C A
SS06AD01 Hardware Maintenance C C
SS06AD03 Maintenance Of Special Management Application Software C NA
SS06AD04 Maintenance Of Special T/S Application Software C NA
SS06AD05 Maintenance Of Operational Software C NA
SS06AD06 Maintenance Of Basic Software C NA
SS06AD07 Maintenance Of Network Software C NA
SS06AD08 Data Processing And Search Software Maintenance C NA
SS06AD09 Software Development Tools And Packages Maintenance C NA
SS06AD10 Telecommunication Equipment Maintenance And Repairs C A
SS06AD11 Telecommunication System Maintenance And Repairs B A
SS06BA01 Maintenance Machinery B A
SS06BA02 Maintenance Mechanical Systems And Equipment B A
SS06BB01 Maintenance Of Electro-Instrument Systems B A
SS06BB02 Electrical Equipment Maintenance B A
SS06BB03 Maintenance Of Instrument Systems B A
SS06BB04 O&M Photovoltaic Systems C A
SS06BC01 Lpg Cylinders Maintenance & Testing A A
SS06BC02 Reconditioning/Conversion Lpg Tanks A A
SS07AA15 Adr Nat.Transp.Methane Gas In Cylinder Trucks W/Tankers A A
SS07AE01 Pipes And Transport Equipment For Various Methane C A
SS07AF02 Customs Agencies, Operators C B
SS07AF03 Technical / Operational Assistance In The Ship Sector C B
SS07AF04 Technical-Operational Assistance In The Aircraft Sector C B
SS07AF05 Complementary Activities - Air/Sea Transport C B
SS07AF06 Complementary Activities - Land Transport C B
SS07AF08 Helipad Management B A
SS07AF09 Seagoing Personnel Management C C
SS07AF12 Deposit Services C B
SS07AF13 Airport Services C C
SS07AF14 Sacking And Packaging Services C A
SS07AF28 Machinery, Apparatus And Equipment Hire C C
SS07AF29 Provision Of Areas And Integrated Logistic Services B A
SS07AG06 Newspap.,Magazines,Period. Distribution-Subscription Service C NA
SS07BA01 Transport Of Petroleum Products A A
SS07BA02 Transport Of Chemical Products B A
SS07BA03 Freight Forwarding B A
SS07BA04 Express Couriers And Postal Services C C
SS07BA05 Passengers Transportation C B
SS07BA06 Means Of Transport Rental C NA
SS07BA07 Waste Transport B A
SS07BA08 Transportation Piping Valves Fittings And Item Plant C B
SS08AA01 Tlc Network Infrastructure - Network Equipment C C
SS08AA02 Radiocommunication Infrastructure And Services C C
SS08AA03 Radiocommunication Infrastructure And Services C C
SS08AA04 Tlc Network Services - Network Services C NA
SS08AB01 Electricity Distribution C A
SS08AC01 Steam And Hot Water Distribution C A
SS08AC02 Drinking Water Distribution C A
SS08AC03 Non-Drinking Water Distribution C A
SS08AC04 Compressed Air Distribution C A
SS08AC05 Condensate Management C A
SS08AC06 Running/Mainten Construct Of Hot Water Plants Power>A 35kw C A
SS08AD01 Meter Reading B NA
SS08AD02 Invoice Production C NA
SS08AD03 Delivery Production A NA
SS08AD04 Franchising Management Services C NA
SS08AD06 Energy Management Services B A
SS08AD11 Metering C A
SS08AD12 Meter/Measuring Device Replacement B A
SS08BA01 Customer Care (Multi-Card-Contact Centre Management) A NA
SS09AB09 Development, Promotion And Representation C NA
SS09AB11 Buy Space Media C NA
SS09AB12 Others Journalistic Collaborations (Agi) C NA
SS09AC01 Design And Event Management C NA
SS09AC02 Sponsoring Management C NA
SS09AC03 Stands And Services For Events C B
SS09AC04 Structural Rental For Shows And Fairs C A
SS09AC05 Healthy Sponsorship C NA
SS09AC06 Training Sponsorship C NA
SS09AC07 Professional Training Sponsorship C NA
SS09AC08 Educational Sponsorship C NA
SS09AC09 Cultural Sponsorship C NA
SS09AC10 Enviromental Sponsorship C NA
SS09AC11 Sponsorship For The Development Of Infrastr. & Social Action C NA
SS09AC12 Sports Sponsorship C NA
SS09BA01 Advertising And Branding C NA
SS09BA02 Incentive & Team Building C NA
SS09BA03 Retail Marketing C NA
SS09BA04 Shop Outfitting/Fees&Advertising Permissions Mgmt B NA
SS09BA05 Storytelling Services C NA
SS10AA01 Sale/Purchase Of Land C NA
SS10AA02 Sale/Purchase Of Buildings C NA
SS10AA03 Support/Real Estate Appraisals C NA
SS10AA04 Cadastral, Urban And Administrative Procedures C NA
SS10AA05 Housing, Relocation & Real Estate Agency Services C NA
SS10AB01 Rent Of Land C NA
SS10AB02 Rent Of Buildings C NA
SS10AB03 Rent Of Apartments C NA
SS11AA01 Company Canteen Management A A
SS11AA02 Running Of Restaurants-Trattorie-Snack Bars-Canteens-Bars C C
SS11AA03 Hotel And Extrahotel Services C NA
SS11AA04 Ship Catering Service C A
SS11AA05 Offshore Catering Service A B
SS11AA06 Onshore Catering Service C B
SS11AA07 Restaurant Vouchers C NA
SS11AA08 Work Canteens Control Service C C
SS11AB01 Cleaning Services C A
SS11AB02 Disinfection And Rat Services C A
SS11AB05 Laundry Services C C
SS11AB06 Urban Waste Collection And Disposal Service C A
SS11AB07 Fire Extinguisher Management Service (Global Service) B A
SS11AB08 Weedkilling Service C A
SS11AB11 Sewer And Cesspit Self-Flushing Services C A
SS11AB12 Installation And Maintenance Of Furnishings And Accessories C A
SS11AB13 Furnishing / Household Goods Removal C A
SS11AB14 Loading, Unloading, Portering, Baggage Carrying Services C B
SS11AB18 Sanification Of Civil Plants C A
SS11AB19 Restore Art Works C C
SS11AC01 Cpu Power Capacity Services C A
SS11AC02 Storage Capacity Services C A
SS11AC03 Specialist Computer Services (Other, Not Am And Si) C NA
SS11AC05 Computer Infrastructure Housing C A
SS11AC06 Database Information C NA
SS11AC07 Data Preparation And Processing C NA
SS11AC08 Document Scanning C NA
SS11AC09 Fuel Voucher Control And Management C NA
SS11AC10 Payment Card Control And Management C NA
SS11AC11 Fuel Voucher And Payment Card Distribution C NA
SS11AC12 Internet And E-Business Services C NA
SS11AC13 Cloud Computing C NA
SS11AC14 Support For Design And Agile Activities C NA
SS11AC15 Search Optimization Services On Digital Channels C NA
SS11AC16 Open Innovation Services Support C NA
SS11AC17 Data Science And Machine Learning Services C NA
SS11AD01 Copy And Binding C NA
SS11AD02 Works Of Photo-Video-Film Production C NA
SS11AE01 General Health Services C A
SS11AE02 Health Services: X-Ray C A
SS11AE03 Health Services: Clinical Analyses C A
SS11AE04 Medical Check-Ups C A
SS11AE05 Medical Check-Ups/Hearing Tests C C
SS11AE06 Health Assistance (Post-Transfer Specialist Services) C A
SS11AE07 First Aid Services C A
SS11AF01 Insurance Services C NA
SS11AF03 Assistance For Certificate Requests And Clearing Practices C NA
SS11AF05 Archive Management C NA
SS11AF06 Refund Of Travel/Stay Expenses Bottom Of List C NA
SS11AF07 Banking Services C NA
SS11AF09 Administrative/Accounting Services C NA
SS11AF10 Accounting Audit Services C NA
SS11AF11 Labor Personnel Manager C NA
SS11AF12 Figures Other Professional Work C NA
SS11AF13 Labor Interim Personnel C NA
SS11AF15 Welfare Services: Management Of Kindergartens C B
SS11AF16 Welfare Services: Campus-Colony Management / Study Stays C B
SS11AF17 Welfare Services: Management Platforms And Other Services C C
SS11AF18 Welfare Services: Use Of Sport Facilities C C
SS11BA01 Creation, Maintenance And Management Websites C NA
SS11BB01 Security Engineering Services B NA
SS11BB02 Reception And Bulding Superintendence Services B C
SS11BB03 Security B C
SS12AA01 Operation And Maintenance Services A A
SS12AA02 Global Service Lpg Service Centre B A
SS12AA04 Platform Inspection / Maintenance / Repair (Imr) B A
SS12AA05 Warehouse Management Service C A
SS12AA06 Product Packaging Service C A
SS12AA07 Print Centre Management C C
SS12AA08 Global Service Office Machinery C C
SS12AA09 Technological Global Service For Civil Buildings C A
SS12AB01 Global Service Process Chemical Treatment B A
SS12AB02 Global Service Water Treatment B A
SS12AB03 Precious Metals Lease Service C NA
SS12AB04 Gas Odorization Service C A