While my wife and I were very fortunate to not suffer any flood damage, there are many people who have lost lives or suffered property damage due to the flooding that spread across Texas on Monday and Tuesday.  As we always do when weather related events like this occur, Texans everywhere are taking surveying the damage, helping out one another, and already beginning the process of recovering.

Most of the bayous are beginning to recede, but substantial rain continues to fall on the west side.  The good news is that those areas that were hit the hardest earlier this week don’t appear to be affected by the heavy rain this morning.  The last thing we need is for heavy rain to pour down on areas where drainage systems are already maxed out.

In case you missed this elsewhere, Bryan Rumbaugh shot some fantastic footage of the flooding in the Houston area using his drone.  Check out the videos below:

If you’re going into work today, stay safe out there.  Fortunately, I had no problem getting to my office in downtown Houston this morning, but there are still some areas of high water in roadways out there.  If you can’t easily tell how deep the water is, don’t drive through it.  It’s not worth the potential loss of life or property.

Written by Bobby Warren